Studio Ohana-film was created in December 2008.
Ohana-film is creative and flexible postproduction studio with great
understanding of the narrative function of visual effects. Studio bridges
the gap between pre- and post-production and tries to support the authors
vision in the best way possible.

We work with directors and producers across the complete film making process to help design, plan and create visual effects to support their storytelling. Our VFX work ranges from key animated characters to complex environments and effects. At its most complex we create photoreal settings that require invisible impact on a scene.
Whether you are big client or small, we have the flexibility to cater for your every need and can offer you bespoke solutions to ensure your production is perfect every time.

Ohana-Film studio, Andropova 22
Moscow - Russian Federation, 115533
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Showreel September 2012

Our main Partners:

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We collaborate with creative directors and producers, agencies and studios, who trust us to bring their ideas to life.